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Welcome to my funvertising experiment. I want to sell 1000 links starting at just one dollar! The catch of course is that each link is one dollar more than the previous one.

What do you get in return? You get a permanent link that you can change as often as you want. You can sell it, rent it or use it to promote your website, business, myspace profile or anything else you can come up with.

You will also get featured in our random links on the side, in newsletters and in the search. I will do anything I can to promote all the advertisers here, and you just sign up once! Please see terms and conditions! ... Oh and to make it more fun I have some secrets..
Update! First Ipod prize just given out-
click here for more.

Four free hosting packages - one to each of the next link owners! Read here.

Check out the blog for more info and get your link in today!
972Accountable Email Marketing$29.50
973prezziesplus UK Best in Gifts & Gadgets since 1980$29.25
974Norton Ghost$28.50
975Make hundreds of dollars online!$26.75
976Watch your competition - THEY ARE WATCHING YOU!$26.00
977a2b2 - VPS / Reseller /Dedicated and shared hosting$24.25
978Reserved for future use$23.00
979Northern KY Web Design$23.00
980EWG Solutions, INC - Professional Services and Solutions$21.75
981marketinghelpnet.com - Free Marketing / PR Consultation $21.00
982Affordable Prices - Quality Service - Now thats HOSTRIFIC!$20.00
983Etowah River Communications - Bringing Wi-Fi to MDUs$18.75
984Total Care Hosting$17.50
985Games for all mobile phones$16.00
987woot.com sucks$14.75
988woot.com sucks$13.00
989woot.com sucks$12.00
990woot.com sucks$11.00
991woot.com sucks$10.00
992woot.com sucks$9.00
993woot.com sucks$8.00
994woot.com sucks$7.00
995woot.com sucks$6.00
996woot.com sucks$5.75
997The Eternal Path to God - What our soul is seeking for...$4.00
998TMV Shows - The Original Brazilian Samba Shows...$3.50
999Create short password protected links with ZoomURL$2.50
1000XNA - The xtreme news aggregator$1.75
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